8:15 – 9:00   Breakfast & Registration

  9:00 – 9:15   Welcome & Introduction

  9:15 – 9:45   Trail-blazing to B2B’s Digital Tomorrow — Keynote Address

The pressure’s on–to move more B2B sales online. Greater sales efficiency, improved customer service, and higher revenue reward B2B companies that transition from legacy processes and systems to a new way of doing business—but that doesn’t happen overnight. What’s your three-year plan? Our Keynote speaker will share the strategy and actions that are making e-commerce a primary sales channel at his industry-leading company, and what any B2B seller must do now to stake a flag in the digital future.
Speaker: John Tonnison, EVP, CIO of Tech Data

9:45 – 10:30   Driving B2B Sales With the Best of Online B2C

In an increasingly crowded online marketplace, B2B e-commerce sites rise to the top in the same way B2C sellers do – by adding points of value for customers that make e-commerce an engaging, friction-free and efficient way to buy. B2B online buyers want the same experience they enjoy as retail consumers, with features such as the ability to purchase when, where and how they want, targeted advice and product recommendations that support current needs and even anticipate future ones, tools to improve productivity and more. This panel will discuss how B2B e-commerce can provide a retail-like experience built around the unique requirements of selling B2B.
Panelists: Nathan Schatz, B2B E-Commerce Expert; Mike Brooks, Chief Marketing Officer & Senior Vice President, Ferguson Enterprises; Mike Pierce, Chief Technology Officer, Echidna; Hayden Kwast, E-Commerce & Marketing Manager, Olam Specialty Coffee

10:30 – 10:45 Break

  10:45 – 11:30   Personalization, B2B Style

Industry reports predict that by next year, B2B companies with effective personalization on their e-commerce sites will outsell competitors without similar personalization levels by 30%.  But site personalization, overlaid with the unique requirements of B2B sales, can be a challenge when technology systems and human teams can’t easily share information. Panelists will discuss share how they’ve tackled that issue and results achieved. packaging
Panelists:Ryan Spooner, Manager of Marketing and Web Development, PacknWood; Joseph LaBonte, Web Leader,; Kyle Hillbrenner, Director, E-Commerce Searchandising,; Richard Isaac, CEO, RealDecoy

  11:30 – 12:00   Onboarding Sales Reps with Digital

B2B e-commerce doesn’t make B2B sales reps obsolete—for some, it can create more opportunity than ever. Reps that use digital to add value to the purchase process and companies that support them can both win, but it takes overcoming internal roadblocks. Our speaker, a B2B online seller, will discuss how his company gets sales reps to embrace digital—creating incentives, technology and training–and how customers are responding.
Speaker: Anoop Kulshreshtha, Vice President of Digital Technology, Henry Schein Inc.

12:00 – 1:00 – Lunch

  1:00 – 1:45   Prioritizing Tech Investments in B2B E-Commerce

By 2019, manufacturers and wholesalers will spend more annually on e-commerce technology than online retailers do, according to industry forecasts. As e-commerce platforms, business and financial management software, mobile sites, apps and more vie for B2B seller attention in the race to capture more of this trillion-dollar online market, it’s more important than ever to know where to spend and where to save. Our panel of online B2B sellers who’ve recently updated their e-commerce sites will share how they made those choices and the key questions they asked themselves to guide smart spending.
Panelists: Andy Hoar, B2B expert, Mark Fitzgerald, Chief Operating Officer, POS Supply Solutions; Justin King, Founder of, Sophia Drivalas, VP of E-commerce and Marketing at Interline Brands

  1:45 – 2:45   Roundtables

Attendees will discuss what they’ve heard from speakers, and contribute their own ideas and experience across an array of topics in guided conversations.
Topics: Where we are and where we want to go in B2B online sales; Building B2B loyalty online; Building a modern technology stack; Marketing online to the new B2B buyer; Handling B2B’s complex buying process online; Amazon and B2B

2:45 – 3:00 Break & Distribution of the 2018 B2B E-Commerce 300

  3:00 – 3:45   Reports from roundtables

Roundtables will share highlights and action ideas.

  3:45 – 4:30   Site Reviews

B2B buyers want the same ease of shopping when ordering online for their businesses that’s available at B2C sites. How well is your site meeting the expectations of the business buyer? Our speaker, a B2B site design expert, will start this session with an overview of the biggest gaps today in the customer experience at B2B vs. B2C sites and wrap up the day by highlighting what’s working and quick fixes for what isn’t working on B2B e-commerce sites attendees volunteer from the floor.
Speaker: Craig Smith, Founder & CEO of Trinity Insight

4:30 – 5:30 – Cocktail Reception